Hi what’s up I’m VCTRY, actually my real name is Victor, and I’m here because I make music… and have a huge passion for it.I’ve been making music all my life, I’ve learned various instruments, taught myself instruments and just spent an incredible amount of time listening to music and really enjoying it too.
But since 1 1/2 years I also started to produce my own music. I’ve just taken everything I’ve learned and put it into my own songs.
Of course it was all very trashy in the beginning and I kept it all for my friends and for me. But now I have to say I’ve reached a certain level of confidence that I can say, yes ok now I want to upload my own stuff but also get a bit involved in the whole thing. Now you’re probably wondering, you’re talking here all the time about uploading music but texting us in an ordeal to where’s the point?
I can explain that to you pretty easily, in fact I thought I’d do the whole thing a bit differently here: I’m a pretty big fan of the old album culture, really listening to a music album from top to bottom once completely, to understand what artists actually feel right about their music, because the medium for that is supposed to be the music album.
But through these things like New Music Fridays and all the single releases, which recently are super popular on platforms like Spotify,
I catch myself how I no longer deal with the artists in depth but only click from single to single and just want to have more and more new stuff, instead of first stay with one thing and really understand what this person thinks about it. And let’s be honest, feeling and understanding what’s going on within the music, is the coolest thing about music.
Well, in any case, I also noticed that podcasts are becoming more and more popular and people sometimes take half an hour to three quarters of an hour, or even one and a half hours to listen to a whole podcast. Means, the readiness to listen to such a thing completely is apparently already there! And that’s why I thought I’d just combine these two it a bit, take you on my personal journey, my thoughts on the music, how I improve and make like my own little music podcast EP. So I can just bring you my personal thoughts a bit closer and as I said just take you along a bit.
We are now just in the intro of this podcast EP and now I’ve actually already talked too much and want to show you now the first song, on which I’m pretty proud I must say!
But I’m actually much more proud of my homie Tristan, who has simply rapped on this track an abnormal banger. – I’m look forward when we hear us again in the next interlude and until then I wish you a lot of fun with the first song, PEACE

Maki Roll (Feat. TRISTAN)


Booooom, oh shit man, this song, I think it’s just too cool! I’ve heard listend to it now for sure between 100-200 times and I‘ m still not tired of it.
In fact, for me it has a little Rin effect (German Artist), where you have to listen to the song at least 2-3 times and it’s getting even more crazy with each time you listen to it. And with each time I heard it more, I thought wow! Tristan how did you rap that ? Just insane.
I’m just incredibly happy that I have now released the song, and you can hear it now as well! You can write me on Instagram, or some of you even have my number, call me and tell me what you think of the song! It would really interest me!
About the structure of the song: Because I want to talk a little bit about my music as well now.
The song starts with the intro and Tristan’s first part, which sounds a bit harder and more powerful. But then Tristan suddenly raps „Victor Flip Mal“ and the whole beat really starts to live! The drums change more into a club direction and give the whole thing a certain bounce feeling. And it’s exactly that, what makes my head just start nodding. And it’s a very good sign when my head starts nodding!!!
Tristan then starts rapping faster, and again, I just find the lyrics incredibly awesome -„Maki Roll“, the name of the song, inspired by the line „Roll up like Maki“, because we simply loved it so much! Then comes another little break from the song, in which my angelic voice is also heard. Im doin like a „houuuu“ and Tristan dropping in with the chunky and deep adlibs “ SHAKE IT“. After the adlib break, the beat just drops a 2nd time, where I just reverse the base sample, so play it backwards. I improvise with the organ a few top notes to it and it just worked great. Tristan dropped a really cool, fast 2nd part to it as well. And In the end I was so hyped, that i screamed “ BATZ JUNGE“ at the end of Tristans Recording, which we decided to keep in the track because it reflects quite good how much heat there was in the studio!!! The sessions just has been so sick together with Tristan, that we couldn’t quite believe what we have just done.
So again, Tristan, ma Boi, I freaking thank you a lot for this sick session and this insane song!

So now to the second song… by the way to the build up of CONCEPT :
I will always show you the first song unbiased, so I don’t say anything about the first song in the intro, maybe 2 sentences maximum. But then, like I’m doing right now, I will tell you a bit more about it in the interlude. For the 2nd song which this time is called „Power of Soul“ I will tell you a little bit about it in advance. So that you already have a little foretaste of the next song and maybe some details I told you will catch your attention in the song.
The second song, „Power of Soul“, came about in such a way that I just produced it one day, without much forethought. Two weeks later Mo, the boss of a small coffee house called „Hommage“, which is very close to my house, I’ve been there a lot, so we’ve known each other for a while, asked me if I wanted to do music for an image film of the coffee house.
It was a one-shot drone video, which also looked pretty cool. They just flew a really tiny drone through the whole cafe… it looks insane! Make sure to check it out on their Instagram page by the way (@hommage_koeln). And yeah he just asked me if I have some music which I think would be fitting for the video. And I immediately thought about „Power of Soul“, because I knew the slightly hip-hoppy vibe of the track would fit perfectly too the video. So I went into the studio, tried the song on the video and it fit PERFECTLY. There were even some scenes where it looks like the song was mad exactly for the video. So I just edited some small things, like for example some cafe sounds in the background or some traffic noises, which lets you feel you are on a street, just like in the beginning of the video. In General the beat is pretty simple. It’s a vintage sample with a beautiful female voice, which I chopped up a little and looped it in the end. So than it’s just some bouncy hip hop drums and a fat bass and the beat was done. For me it’s just a perfect summer vibe, and that why I decided to put it on the EP as well. I thought everyone could need some „Power of Soul“ during these hot days.

Power of Soul


Give me, give me, give meeeeeeee, ahhh the song is immediately stuck in my head again!! It’s just crazy how these vintage sample are so catchy – 70s 80s – just such a cool musical time! 

That was „Power of Soul“, I Hope you enjoyed the mellow sunshine vibes! If yes, drop it a like on Spotify or put it in one of your playlists, so you can listen to it some more time.

And yeah, we’re now in the Outro of this first CONCEPT, and that’s where I would like to hear your guy’s opinion. What do you think about this type of music release ? Do you like the little interludes in between or not ? Also for you readers, is it fun to read through my story of the song first and then listening tongue song ? Or would you say, VCTRY please just do music that’s enough… please let me know 🙂

I gotta say I really enjoy this type of release, beachside on the one hand you guys are closer to my production process and my thoughts behind the music, and on the other hand I can distance myself from a rather perfectionistic behavior with my music. If I’m not 100 percent fine with a passage of a track or any kind of sound, I can simply tell you guy in the interlude. It releases some of the pressure I put on my self in context with my music. 

Im actually planning to release not just one of these CONCEPT EPs. With in a broad range of two weeks I want to continue with the series of CONCEPT and see how the project develops over time. And yeah I guess that was is for the moment…

If you want, please give me a follow on Spotify and Instagram so you will stay informed about all upcoming releases and projects.

With this I wish every single one of you a wonderful rest of your day and I’m looking forward to share my next CONCEPT with you.